Friday Brief for 14 January 2022Listen now | Coercing Russia with tech; Kazakhstan's crypto collapse; & Cybersecurity nutrition labels
The prospect of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan echoes some of the most disastrous 20th century instances of great power expansion—reminiscent, perhaps, of…
Cyber at the Center of PowerListen now (53 min) | A Kitchen Sync Conversation with David Sanger
Friday Brief for 7 January 2022Listen now (14 min) | Putin's cyber plans for Ukraine; Hacking-for-hire business is booming; & Beijing targets the algorithms
Friday Brief for 17 December 2021Listen now (12 min) | What you need to know about Log4j; The U.K.'s new cyber strategy; and Chinese tech is in the crosshairs
Should We Have "Expert" Twitter?Listen now (54 min) | A Kitchen Sync Conversation with Dr. Yuval Levin
Friday Brief for 10 December 2021Listen now (11 min) | What I saw in CA; Stuff I hope we're doing; & Google and Microsoft get offensive
Friday Brief for 3 December 2021Listen now (9 min) | Space heats up; Cyber spillover in the Middle East; & "C" speaks out
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