Friday Brief for 26 November 2021Listen now (12 min) | We're not prepared; DOJ spending stolen bitcoin; & NK hackers target Chinese researchers
Two Swamp Creatures Walk Into a BarListen now (67 min) | A Kitchen Sync Conversation with Dr. Michael Strain
Friday Brief for 19 November 2021Listen now (12 min) | American AI is getting PLAed; Hackers target Apple users in Hong Kong; and Google goes on defense
It’s up to users to vote with their feet if they are unhappy.
Friday Brief for 12 November 2021Listen now (11 min) | The metaverse gets Seoul; Israel's new FaceRec tech; & the Air Force wants a new AI
Friday Brief for 5 November 2021Listen now (13 min) | NSO Gets Booted; AI Countermeasures; and Gamifying War
Allies, Alliances & AIListen now (49 min) | A Kitchen Sync Conversation with Zack Cooper
Friday Brief for 29 October 2021Listen now (10 min) | Release the hounds on ransomware; CI top tech targets; and DoD's hidden AI talent
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